Lumina Grand Ec – More Than Just a Residence

lumina grand ec

Lumina grand ec is more than a residential development; it offers residents an unmatched lifestyle choice. Situated close to Bukit Batok and Jurong shopping areas, residents can experience vibrant urban living without the usual urban bustle.

Families living near renowned educational institutions can also enjoy a premium educational experience. Princess Elizabeth Primary School promotes not only academic achievements but also values development and life skills that prepare children for future endeavors.

Strategic Location

Lumina grand ec is situated near multiple MRT stations, giving residents easy access to different destinations throughout Singapore. With Jurong Region Line (JRL) coming soon, travel times to major business hubs, shopping havens, and leisure spots will further be reduced dramatically.

Additionally, the EC is served by a comprehensive bus network. Residents traveling to destinations without an MRT station can easily take a reliable bus service instead, making their travel faster and simpler.

Additionally, the JRL will act as a catalyst for the establishment of new shopping malls, dining facilities, and entertainment options near its stations – promising residents at Lumina Grand EC an abundance of retail opportunities, exciting leisure activities and engaging events right in their neighbourhood.

Convenient Commuting

Lumina Grand EC stands out among urban developments by being situated close to some of the country’s premier schools, making it an attractive option for families who prioritize education. This unique perk allows children to receive top-tier instruction without long commutes – something other EC developments in cities cannot match.

Bukit Batok MRT station offers convenient access to the city center and other areas. Once Jurong Region Line (JRL) opens up for use, residents of Lumina Grand will have even easier access to work, shopping centers and recreational spots.

As well as offering numerous bus services nearby, residents have access to bicycle- and pedestrian walkways that encourage sustainable forms of transport while cutting their carbon footprint and saving time with public transport commuting. Bicycle lanes and walkways allow them to opt for greener modes of transport which promote healthy living practices while creating a sustainable future.

Convenient Shopping

Lumina Grand EC is conveniently situated close to shopping and dining hotspots in both Bukit Batok and Jurong, offering residents easy access to everything from international fashion labels to local craftsman produced goods. Residents will find everything here!

Leisure enthusiasts can relax with an infinity pool swim, workout at the gym and unwind on the relaxation deck. Additionally, there is also a tennis court and barbecue pits to provide families with quality time together.

Young adults looking for pre-university education near Lumina Grand EC can go to Millennia Institute, located nearby. Here, a focus is placed on character building and academic success to provide a well-rounded educational experience that equips them for future endeavors. With Jurong Region Line (JRL) expanding connectivity for residents in Lumina Grand making life simpler and more pleasurable – residents will find travelling more pleasant.

Community Club

Residents living at Lumina Grand can take advantage of a community club in Bukit Batok that provides workshops, classes, and activities designed to expand their horizons through workshops, classes, and activities hosted by a community club in Bukit Batok. Here they can gain new skills or hobbies without leaving home; attend community events without traveling as far.

Families that prioritize education will love living at Lumina Grand EC Condominium, thanks to its close proximity to renowned schools like Swiss Cottage Secondary School – popular among parents for its comprehensive educational approach which equips students with all of the knowledge and skills needed for success in an increasingly competitive world.

Princess Elizabeth Primary School provides an environment designed to nurture the whole child, while Jurong Region Line (JRL) will significantly expand your transportation options and allow you to live car-free while decreasing carbon footprint.

Quality Education

Living within reach of both primary and tertiary education institutions in a metropolitan area is an incredible privilege; for residents at Lumina Grand EC it is not simply an admirable feature but their daily reality.

Keming Primary School, a popular choice among parents due to its focus on creativity and character development, can also provide students with instruction from expertly-trained teachers on various subjects.

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Millennia Institute offers pre-university students a rigorous curriculum and vibrant campus atmosphere, plus additional learning opportunities through workshops and community events.

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