Tips For Renting a Wedding Gown in Katong SG

Some brides hope to pass down their wedding gown as an heirloom gown to future generations, but this may not be possible if renting is chosen as their mode of ceremony.

Renting in Katong SG can save time and money when compared to alteration and dry cleaning costs, but shipping, insurance and late fees could add up quickly.

1. Try on the dress

Brides often find renting easier when it comes to finding their ideal dress, but not every rental service allows alteration of garments rented – which could prove crucial in certain instances.

Rental services typically ship gowns several weeks before your wedding, giving yourself enough time to receive it and ensure a perfect fit. Also be sure to ask how long is left until it needs to be returned as there may be late charges involved.

Renting isn’t for every bride, but if your priorities and alterations costs are prohibitive, renting may be the right decision for you. Be sure to do your research and visit several bridal boutiques prior to making this decision.

2. Get the measurements right

Gown rental can be an economical choice for brides looking to save on their big day, but proper measurements must be taken first to ensure a perfect fit. When taking measurements, wear the undergarment you plan on wearing on your big day while using flexible measuring tape – taking measurements around the fullest part of your chest (bust and back areas included) is recommended for accurate readings.

If you’re concerned about getting your measurements right, make an appointment at a boutique like Nuuly or Something Borrowed to meet with a bridal stylist and book an appointment for you at one of these experts to find your dream dress – they can perform any necessary alterations as well as offer advice regarding which gown fits both your budget and venue best.

3. Choose the right store

Many bridal shops and online wedding dress rental services such as Poshare provide rentals. When searching for a company to rent from, ensure it allows enough time for you to return the dress before your wedding date – for instance Rent the Runway offers four and 14 day options.

No matter the company, always read customer reviews to gauge how helpful and accurate their dress sizes are. Also remember that you will likely require some adjustments on your dress before it fits perfectly – Laine London includes standard alterations like hem and sleeve adjustments in their packages as standard services.

Brides-to-be on a tight budget might also want to explore consignment stores or resale marketplaces as an affordable solution. These locations often provide more dresses than just bridal gowns and can help brides stick within their wedding dress budget.

4. Get the right fit

Wedding gowns can be expensive investments; purchasing one for special events like milestone anniversary celebrations, renewing vows, or passing it down to your daughter can be an enormous financial commitment. Renting is often an affordable solution that will ease budget strain while eliminating cleaning, preservation and storage headaches for bride-to-bes.

Keep in mind when renting, that your gown selection may be limited; rental stores usually only provide several styles in each category. Therefore, it’s essential to try on as many dresses as possible until you find “the one.” Remember that there may only be limited time left before returning any unwanted dresses back; don’t rush the process!

5. Rent for the right amount of time

Renting can be an economical solution to finding your wedding gown, freeing up funds for other parts of your celebration. But before opting for this route, be sure to read and follow all applicable store policies regarding rental gowns carefully.

Renting is often your only viable option when purchasing high-end designer dresses that cost thousands. But if you prefer having an original piece that can be passed down through generations, buying may make more sense for you. Just remember any alterations will add up and to carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision; if necessary, consult a trusted friend for advice before settling on a decision.