Where to Find Animal Communication Courses in Bugis SG

where to find animal communication courses

Discover how to communicate with animals from a heart-centered approach with this beginner course that provides tried-and-tested simple steps for all animal lovers to develop meaningful connections between any sentient being they come into contact with and themselves on an intimate and more profound level.

Come experience Susan’s popular animal communication classes in Bugis SG either at Two Bear Healing Arts in Valley Cottage, NY or online – enjoy lifetime access to her extensive animal communication training program, monthly live AC practice calls, and community support!

Body Language

Telepathically connecting with animals allows you to understand their emotions and perspectives more fully, helping strengthen bonds between you and them and deepening understanding of their needs and wishes.

Animal communication can be an invaluable asset to those working with animals, including veterinarians, animal trainers, dog and horse walkers, pet sitters and animal shelter workers. It can be used to address behavioral issues as well as improve physical health, reduce stress levels and facilitate healing processes – just some of its many potential applications!

Pea Horsley has an indelible connection with nature and animals that was fostered through her experiences on her family farm as a wild child, before deepening during her travels across Europe and Australia. Her straightforward, accessible approach to animal communication helps people transform their relationship with the natural world while she champions values such as reverence and kindness.


Recognize and interpret animal vocalizations, behavior, and meaning so the messages they send you are clear.

Discovering the root causes of behavioral challenges will enable you to provide your animal companions with greater joy and purpose in life. In addition, you’ll learn how to communicate with deceased pets as well as wildlife or rescued creatures.

Do you own or care for pets and other animals? Through this transformational training program, you can discover how to communicate telepathically with them! Susan offers Beginning through Professional Level courses as well as options for mentoring and support services at her Two Bear Healing Arts facility in Valley Cottage, NY as well as business-to-business services for veterinary hospitals, grooming salons, horse stables, pet sitting/boarding facilities and training schools as well as animal communication seminars/workshops nationwide.


Learn the art of speaking telepathically with animals and giving transformative healings and readings based on deep understanding and harmony – perfect for animal lovers, horse and dog trainers, animal therapists, pet sitters, shelter and rescue workers, veterinarians or anyone who works with animals!

Pheromones are chemical signals used by animals to communicate information about their environment or social status. Some pheromones elicit immediate behaviors, like alarm pheromones released by social insects when threatened or when another bee stings another bee; while other have delayed effects – for instance priming pheromones present in male mouse urine that cause immature female mice to mature sexually more quickly.

Penelope is an expert in interspecies telepathic communication and founder of animal communication as a field, co-founding Species Link magazine as well as teaching this skill herself. Her approach to animal connection and transformation is warm, friendly and grounded while championing values such as respect, kindness and reverence.

Visual Signals

Learn to connect telepathically with animals to strengthen your relationship, assist in solving behavioral challenges and identify their health and nutrition requirements.

This workshop is for animal enthusiasts of all kinds – pet owners, veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, groomers and boarding facilities, shelter and rescue workers, veterinarian technicians/nurses/students. You will experience profound transformation as you connect directly with animals and other natural world elements.

This course offers tried-and-true steps for animal lovers of any level to easily follow. Students will practice communicating with both living animal companions as well as deceased ones during class sessions; you are welcome to bring pictures of your animal friends so you can share these with classmates.

Successful completion of this program allows you to earn a Professional Animal Communication Certificate from Nancy Windheart, as well as gain entry to her membership program classes, giving you the foundational tools for animal communication while continuing your growth as an animal communicator.